Products - Valves

Tyco Waterworks UK supplies a wide range of resilient seated gate valves, butterfly valves, air check valves, pressure control valves and fire hydrants for the water industry. Many valves are sourced from well established Tyco Waterworks companies across Europe, such as Sapag, Bayard, Belgicast and Iprosa.


Gate Valves Gate Valves
The soft sealing gate valve manufactured in ductile iron to BS5163. Fully coated on both internal and external surfaces with epoxy to a minimum thickness of 150 microns. Clock Close and Clock Open valves available with optional range of electric actuators. The metal seated gate valve is manufactured to BS5163. Fully coated on both internal and external surfaces with a Copon coating Available in size range 350 – 1800mm clock close or clock open with optional bypass valves and bevel and spur gearboxes . Download Product Datasheet
Butterfly Valves Butterfly Valves
Tyco Waterworks supplies wafer, lugged and flanged butterfly valves to provide reliable means of flow shut off and regulation. Available in sizes from DN 32 to DN 2400 and with models suitable for PN16 and PN25 these valves are ideal for use with supply and irrigation networks as well as water treatment plants and are suitable for use with clean or dirty water as well as with gas distribution networks. All valves can be offered with a full range of Pneumatic and Electric Actuators . Download Product Datasheet
Pressure Control Pressure Control Valves
The Hydrostab range of pilot operated Control Valves can be supplied in various options including pressure reducing valve, pressure sustaining valve, flow rate control valve & many others depending on customer requirements. Pilot spring range 0.2 – 2 bar and 1 – 20 bar. The Monostab range of Pressure Reducing Valves are available in sizes 50 – 200mm and with two output spring ranges 1.5 – 6 bar and 5 – 12 bar Download Product Datasheet
Air Valves Air Valves
Both Single and Double Orifice valves are available for clean water applications as well as products to suit wastewater applications. Range of Air Valves offers a robust and effective way to remove air pockets from water pipelines. Internal floats act to automatically remove the air pockets as they develop. These valves are for use in potable water applications with sewage models available on request. Valves are available in sizes from DN 1” to 200mm and can be flanged or BSP mounted. Valves are fully epoxy coated . Download Product Datasheet
Fire Hydrants Fire Hydrants
High performance Type 2 hydrants manufactured to BS 750 with fixed or loose stoppers and have low operating torques. Bubble tight shut off and an outlet to BS 750 part 5.2 figure 3. Hydrants can be supplied with an optional frost valve and are available in DN 80mm sizes. 16 bar working pressure. Download Product Datasheet